Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven Montana SPAZIOSO


Calling all Pizzaiolos!
Chosen to perform in the Neapolitan Pizza Championship cookings and bought by the Neapolitan Pizza Association, the Montana SPAZIOSO is big enough to cook up to 3/4 pizzas of 30 cm in one batch, with a cooking time of 52 seconds, while remaining light, easy to assemble and transport.
Montana SPAZIOSO is the best and only alternative to the 500 kg wood-burning ovens in the market turning it into the perfect choice for street food sales and professional chefs.
With a stainless steel ceramic fiber insulation it has an interior that prevents heat loss maintaining the high temperatures and performance for a long period of time.
Although designed to fit the pizzaiolo’s needs, the Montana Spazioso is also versatile: anything you can cook in your kitchen, you can cook in the Montana Spazioso.

  • Shipping & Warranty:
    • Free Shipping
    • Delivery in a truck with lift-gate and pallet
    • 2 years warranty
    Product Details:
    • Weight: 159kg W/ Bricks
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Fuel Type: Wood
    • Features: Portable/Refractory Bricks/Reinforced/Electrostatic Powder Finish/Ceramic Fiber
    • Wood Handle
    • Made In: Portugal
    • Oven Dimensions W/O Chimney: 100x100x52 cm
    • Oven Dimensions W/ Chimeny: 100x100x152 cm
    • Door Dimensions: 77×22.5 cm
    • Cooking Area: 90x87x33 cm
    • Stand is NOT included



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