Wood Fired Oven Fumo Mediterranean


wood fired oven Fumo Mediterranean  with insulations and chimney
The Fumo Mediterranean wood fired oven is Certified for use in catering and private, designed for outdoor / indoor, available in different sizes, ranging from 90cm to 150cm and more on request and 5 differente colors. Made of high temperature baked clay, 5 cm ceramic fiber insulation, refractory cement, liquid clay finished with cork mixed with paint. These operations allow the Fumo premium oven to reach very high temperatures and maintain heat for several hours. This oven is the must of bread wood fire ovens. The ovens are all equipped with steel door. the Fumo wood fired oven makes this possible since it will keep the heat for several hours and this one will decend very progressively.
This oven is the must for bread lovers.
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  • Included

    Chimney outlet diameter: 15cm
    A thermometer (0 to 350°c)

    2mm thick steel plate door with double opening ( 39 X 31 cm)


    • A traditional clay oven with insulation.
    • Chimney outlet with a 15cm diameter
    • 2mm double plate steel door 39 x 31 cm
    • A thermometer (0 to 350°c) for oven temperature
    • Free shipping 
    • Delivery in a truck with liftgate and pallet truck
    • Transport insurance
    • The oven is delivered in a wood frame protection
    • 2 years warranty

    Wood Fired Oven (100cm)

    • Productivity: 35 pizzas/hour (30cm) or 8 kg of bread dough
    • Pizza capacity: 3/4 pizzas Ø 28 cm
    • Fits 2 large oven dishes
    • Wood consumption: 5 kgs hour (depending on wood quality and moisture)

    Dimensions (100cm) oven

    • External dimensions: 100 x 100 x 77 cm
    • Internal dimensions: Ø 80 cm

    Mediterranean Ovens

  • Additional Information


    90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm


    Bordeaux, Gray, Brown, White


    No chimney extension n/cap, 1 mt. chimney extension w/ cap