Outdoor wood Fired Pizza Oven Di Mamma


Outdoor wood fired pizza oven Di Mamma specially design for pizza made in Portugal. All in refractory bricks according to tradition, although the Portuguese ovens are rather used for baking bread. This makes it easier to prepare pizzas as it is much easier to cook. Di Mamma is available in different sizes, ranging from 90cm to 120cm. Thanks to its interior of less than 35 cm height this one will perfectly cook your pizzas. For longer and more frequent cooking, opt for an oven with insulation. Or you can isolate your oven yourself. The oven design is always the same for all manufacturers.
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  • Included

    Chimney outlet diameter: 14cm
    Steel door
    (clear opening is 50 X 21 cm)


    • Portuguese Wood Fired pizza Oven pizza in refractory bricks Without Insulation.
    • Steel door with a clear opening of 50 x 21 cm
    • Free shipping
    • Delivery in a truck with liftgate and pallet truck
    • Transport insurance
    • 2 years warranty

    Wood Fired Pizza Oven pizza

    • Example for a wood fired pizza oven (100 cm )
    • Productivity: 18 pizzas/hour (30cm) or 4 kg of bread
    • Pizza Capacity: 3/4 pizzas Ø 28 cm
    • Fits 2 large oven dishes
    • Wood consumption: 5 kgs hour (depending on wood quality and moisture)

    Traditional Oven

  • Additional Information


    90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm


    Steel door (included), Stainless steel door

    Chimney extension

    With chimney extension 1mt., No chimney extension n/cap