Outdoor Barbecue grill cube MOD 05


Outdoor barbecue grill cube MOD 05 is made of raw concrete treated to repel moisture. It has a cooking surface of 50 x 38 cm. Its innovative design makes it an original barbecue. Inside the barbecue there is a non-corrosive metal plate dyed with heat-resistant paint. The grill supplied with the barbecue is adjustable in height for more cooking comfort. A bin allows you to collect wood and coal ash. The MOD is made of modules and because of that its easy to assemble. They easily adapt to any space. The warranty is two years.
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  • Included

    Grid: 50×38 cm

    BBQ 05

    • Waterproof concrete and metal
    • 2 years warranty
    • Free shipping

    Tech info

    • To use with charcoal or wood
    • Module assembled
    • Registered design

    Weight and Dimensions

    • Cooking surface 50 x 38 cm
    • Width 2.21 m
    • Length 0.50 m
    • Height 2,05 m
    • Weight: 715 Kg

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