Montana Spazioso Pro


Montana Spazioso PRO pizza oven. Due to the success of the standard Montana Spazioso wood oven many professionals contacted Misterovens to manufacture a bigger oven than the Spazioso to equip pizza kiosks, restaurants, food trucks, etc.

Therefore, in order to meet your demands, Misterovens developed a larger oven, creating the Montana Spazioso Pro. In addition to having created a larger oven, some modifications were introduced: greater thicknesses of stainless steel as well as more rigorous insulation in the raw material and in quantity. Despite its large size, Misterovens has managed to maintain an oven with very fast heating, a lot of inertia and with high quality cooking.

Montana Spazioso PRO is useful for pizzerias that want to make batches of 5 to 6 pizzas, especially for more experienced pizzerias.

It should be known that managing more than 4 pizzas in a wood oven is very difficult. Once again Misterovens offers a wood oven that is unique in the world and of the highest quality at unbeatable prices.


2 years warranty


- 1 Montana Spazioso PRO oven
- External measures: 120 cm x 120 cm x 52 cm
- Interior measures: 117 cm x 107 cm x 28 cm
- Weight: 280 kg
- Stainless steel 304 and 430, 2mm and 3mm
- Carbon steel cover
- Thermo lacquered painting
- Chimney tube 100 cm and 304 stainless steel cap, diameter 200 mm
- 16 refractory stones 30 x 30 x 3cm
- Calcium silicate panel 3 cm
- Soil thickness - total 6 cm
- Smokehouse and reducer ø200mm
- Input for inserting the gas burner
- 500ºC thermometer

Possibility, by request, to pre-equip the oven with 2 gas burners.

Semi-moon door:
- Measures: 74 x 22.5cm
- Stainless 430
- Door lock with 2 handles in pine wood

Packing: Wooden box on pallet

Before completing your order, if you need an urgent delivery, please contact Misterovens. The scarcity of iron and stainless steel that is being felt in Europe is forcing us to have deadlines of 30 working days for the oven deliveries.

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Black, Bronze, Eggplant, Grey, Orange, Red, White


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